Manage & collaborate across all projects and teams


One home for everyone to communicate, track work,
resource plan, manage clients, & more.

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Uniquely layered for communication & security


All information, people, communication & projects – move across projects, conversations, and teams.
Nice trick, Corgee.


Manager-friendly dashboards


Get a 3-dimensional view of your company, teams, or individuals right from the big picture down to a detailed play-by-play.


For artistic & analytical minds


Flexible & customizable for all teams. Whether it’s a social newsfeed or a spreadsheet, you set  up your own dashboards so you can do your best work.


Communicate in a single thread


Within a project, have everyone on the same communication thread no matter their position. Add layers so you can control who sees what.

Always by your side, Corgee grows with you and your company


Never copy-and-paste again


See across all projects in-depth. Make decisions, discuss accounts, and manage resources without having to look in a dozen different places.

From insight to oversight, seamlessly move from company-wide process tracking to individual team progress & delegation.

Communicate in one place, securely


Imagine the ability to choose who can see any piece of information. Corgee’s unique, customizable layers and security groups allow client and financial data to be in the same thread as developers, designers, sales, and management.

For the first time, everyone can communicate in the same project without risking sensitive information.


Views as dynamic & unique as your people


Views for how you work best: Social media style, small preview cards, calendar views, or lists. Teams can hop on quickly, use their own jargon, and never feel stuck in a rigid system.

Easy to adopt & make switch, you’ll have the whole company onboard in no time.

Growing managers & geographies


Get big picture while still being in control of the day-to-day. For small, local teams to big, remote teams, Corgee allows you to manage both in your way, as if everyone was right in-house.

We help you grow as your company grows, never limiting how hands-on or off you choose to be during transition.


Get things done without all the noise


No more emails, forms, or on the side to-do lists for information and dates to get lost in. Set different due dates, follow up on a task, or add to your grocery list, it’s all organized and only seen by those who need to see it.

Delegate work & life without it being complicated.

Powerful & flexible for project-based companies, like yours

When evaluating Asana, Trello, Jira, and Aha!, we found Corgee to be our best option and ensures we align with team members, investors, and outside contractors.

Joshua Konkle

- Founder -

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